Bessey SVH400XL SVH Flooring and Clamping System

  • Brand: Bessey
  • Product Code: SVH400XL


  • Perfect for laying parquet, plank hardwood, laminate, and other tongue and groove flooring
  • Ratchet draws new row of flooring so it can be nailed securely
  • Strap length 300", clamp plate width 4-3/4", and a clamping force of 220 lbs
  • Facilitates the laying of wood, laminated, and other flooring panels
  • Can also be used to install lashing straps
  • Has an opening of 4,000-millimeters and clamping width of 120-millimeters
  • Polyclad and galvanized metal resists rust
  • Provides clamping pressure of 220-pounds

Product desription

25' Strap Flooring clamp with gap setting screw fro compressing flooringt materilas & gap setting 4 3/4" face clamping palte 220 lb clmping force ratchet clamping action

Technical details

  • ASIN: B0000224PR
  • Brand: Bessey
  • Product Code: SVH400XL
  • Product Dimensions: 600 x 300 x 1300 hundredths-inches
  • Package Dimensions: 540 x 220 x 840 hundredths-inches
  • Package Quantity: 1