Azusa Go-Kart Live Axle Bearing Kit for 1in. Axle with 3-Hole Flangettes

  • Brand: Azusa
  • Product Code: 1861B-PK


  • Mounting holes are on a 3in. bolt circle
  • Made for 1in. axles
  • Sturdy, steel, weldable brackets
  • 1in. integral locking collar bearings
  • Three hole flangettes to hold bearings in place

Product desription

Everything you need to assemble a live axle to your Go-Kart frame. Works with most axles. Each kit includes: two axle bearings with integral collar, two bearing hangers, four flangettes, four 5/16in.-18 x 3/4in. bolts with Teflon locking nuts, and two large Teflon locking nuts. U.S.A. Application: Bearing kit

Technical details

  • ASIN: B0000AX60X
  • Brand: Azusa
  • Product Code: 1861B-PK
  • Product Weight: 500 hundredths-pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 530 x 160 x 860 hundredths-inches
  • Package Quantity: 1