Holley 125-105 Single-Stage Standard Flow Power Valve

  • Brand: Holley
  • Product Code: 125105


  • Enhances power enrichment
  • Eliminates hesitation and bogging for better performance
  • Includes gasket for easy installation
  • Valve opens when vacuum reaches 10.5 Hg
  • 90-day warranty

Product desription

This single-stage standard flow power valve boosts your vehicle's power when pulling heavy loads or at fast speeds. By enhancing the carburetor's response to vacuum forces, the power valve allows an optimal amount of fuel through the carburetor for increased torque and higher speeds. The power valve will open when the engine reaches a vacuum of 10.5 Hg. It has a 90-day warranty for defects in material and workmanship.

Technical details

  • ASIN: B00029JANM
  • Brand: Holley
  • Product Code: 125105
  • Product Dimensions: 350 x 113 x 500 hundredths-inches
  • Package Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 260 hundredths-inches
  • Package Quantity: 1