Mobile Refinish Clear Coat High Gloss Super Fast Clearcoat Pint Kit SMR-105/95-P

  • Brand: Speedokote
  • Product Code: SMR-105/95-P


  • Extremely Fast Dry and Cure
  • High Gloss and DOI
  • UV Resistant for excellent weathering
  • Buff in as little as 45 minutes
  • Easy 4:1 mix ratio - True 2K Urethane at a Great Price

Product desription

SMR-105, Speedo N.R. clearcoat utilizes new resin technology which allows for an extremely fast cure while maintaining an ultra high gloss. SMR-105 is easy to apply and can be BUFFED in 45 MINUTES, yielding a DOI equal to an overnight dry clear. This sale is for a pint of SMR-105 clear coat and four ounces of SMR-95 extra slow speed (90+°F) activator. Note: Apply 2-3 coats of SMR-105 all at once without a flash in-between coats until the desired gloss level. Usually 2-3 medium coats is plenty of clear. SMR-105 is National Rule voc, Not for sale in California, Delaware or Maryland. For these states buy SMR-100. Health and Safety: See Material Safety Data Sheet and labels for additional safety information and handling instructions. * The contents of this package may have to be blended with other components before the product can be used. Before opening the packages, be sure you understand the warning messages on the labels and MSDS's of all components, since the mixture will have the hazards of all its parts. * Improper handling and use, for example, poor spray technique, inadequate engineering controls and or lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), may result in hazardous conditions or injury. * Follow spray equipment manufacturer's instructions to prevent personal injury or fire. * Provide adequate ventilation for health and fire hazard control. * Follow company, product MSDS and respirator manufacturer's recommendations for selection and proper use of respiratory protection. Be sure employees are adequately trained on the safe use of respirators per company and regulatory requirements. * Wear appropriate PPE such as eye and skin protection. In the event of injury, see first aid procedures on MSDS. * Always observe all applicable precautions and follow good safety and hygiene practices.

Technical details

  • ASIN: B01JAI36FS
  • Brand: Speedokote
  • Product Code: SMR-105/95-P
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Color: Clear