1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Color:Code 50 Bamboo/Covert Tan
Interior Color:Desert Sand
Engine:Rocket 350
Number of Cylinders:8
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1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible This Oldsmobile up for auction is the perfect classic droptop to enjoy a full summer of top down cruising! This was the final year of the Cutlass/442 convertible!! There are not very many complete original convertible's left in existence. This 1972 Cutlass Supreme Convertible would be a very nice example to clone into a 442! I've had many real deal 1972 442's and Cutlass Supreme's that I transformed into 442's. These 70's muscle cars have incredible investment potential, and have been referred to as rolling bank accounts. Remember, When the top goes down, the price goes up! I had a heart attack this past December, and decided to down size on my collection. Normally, I would have definitely made this sweet convertible into a 442, but I haven't gotten my energy back yet, so I'll leave that decision up to the next owner. This Classic Cutty can easily be enjoyed as a daily driver in its current condition. I made this purchase several years ago from a very nice older gentleman in his 80's. He lives in an upscale suburb west of Chicago. This elegant looking convertible was retired to his double door garage attached to his palatial estate for over 20 years. The full size front garage door opens to the driveway, and the full size rear garage door opens to the backyard. This way he was able to enjoy looking at it from his sculptured back yard without the possibility of anyone seeing what was stashed in his garage. According to him he was the second owner, and this antique only had one re-paint years before he stopped driving it simply because of a leaking fuel line. The damaged line was replaced, and all the fluids were changed, and then the car fired right up with some starter spray. Even after all those years, this Rocket sounded like a champion. There were many items placed on the hood and the trunk over the years, so there were some marks on the paint. I was able to have the correct original code 50 paint mixed up at the local Bumper to Bumper, and I did touch up the entire car by hand. He said this Olds does have the original numbers matching Rocket engine. I double checked to make sure. He was telling the truth! I personally saw the last six digits 106053 from the vehicle identification number on the block. This is absolutely the numbers matching block that was recently detailed. I know in this day and age that having the original engine definitely makes these older classics much more valuable, so for you numbers guys out there, this one is the real deal. It would be very hard to find any car with all the original little components still intact. This engine still has the engine block breather still present and accounted for. Usually those were long gone in the first few years after any of these cars were purchased new. If you scrutinize the engine pictures you will see what I mean. I didn't even see any of the hose or wire clips missing. I know they make aftermarket replacements, but nothing beats the originals. Even the original control arm covers are still attached to the inner fender wells. I checked the casting numbers on the engine, and they are 39558, so this is the only block used for the Oldsmobile Rocket 350 engine in 1972. Only 1,025 of these Cutlass Supreme/442 convertible's were made with an automatic transmission in 1972 making this Cutlass Supreme a very rare and highly sought after model. This 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme/442 convertible is a very unique car to own. Since this model was factory ordered as a Cutlass Supreme it is still considered to be like a real 442 if it is converted properly. I'll give a little background on the 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Cutlass S, and 442 models. Prior to the 1972 model year the vehicle identification numbers in all 442's started out with 344. That was the way to determine whether that specific car was ordered from the dealership with the 442 option. This is easily verified by the OldsFaqs website that anyone can look up online. The 442 could be ordered as a separate model for the last time in 1971. Oldsmobile decided to make the 442 an ordered option starting in 1972. The OldsFaqs website makes the statement that there is no such thing as a fake 442 in 1972. All 1972 442 convertible models started life as a Cutlass Supreme, since the 442 was an ordered option. Whether the car was factory ordered as a 442, or dealer installed, or a private owner installed all the 442 options, they are all considered Cutlass Supreme or Cutlass S bodies. This is why all 1972 442 convertibles have Cutlass Supreme on the glove box door, and all 442 hardtops have just plain Cutlass on the glove box door. I saw no signs of this car ever being involved in any major accidents. There was one minor indentation on the drivers door, but it was popped out from the inside of the door, and is barely noticeable. This Olds is steered with the awesome 442 sport wheel that can be adjusted to whatever height you prefer with the factory tilt wheel. This elegant looking Cutlass Supreme starts right up every time, and drives down the road straight as an arrow with fingertip control. It has dual sport mirrors painted to match the body with the drivers side being remote controlled. It was also ordered with the power trunk option, where the trunk lid can be popped from inside the glove box. The convertible top had some minor repair professionally done, and still appears in decent condition with a glass back window. The top worked well last fall, but when I went to put the top down for pictures, there was no power. I will look into that over the weekend. The doors are extremely solid throughout the bottom of the doors, and they still open and close like back in 1972. The fenders and the quarter panels are in very good condition. The body lines and the hood are pinstriped in black, and the sides of the body have the black body side molding still in place, which prevented any door dings from happening. This Olds was ordered with the factory undercoating as shown by the picture with the black plug inside the door jamb on the drivers side, so I believe that's why it held up in this condition. There were some splits in front bench seat bottom portion where the driver sits, but that was recently professionally repaired. The carpeting is original with a set of four carpeted floor mats. This Olds rides on a set of four Uniroyal Tiger Paw GTS steel belted raised white lettered radial tires with very good tread mounted on Super Stock II wheels painted to match the body color. All four wheels have chrome lug nuts with all four center caps, and all four beauty trim rings. There is a 10 bolt rear-end, but I am unsure of the gear ratio. This Olds sits up just right with new rear springs. The original trunk floor was coated with A/C Delco factory Black and Aqua spatter spray to seal the trunk, so that should preserve it for many years to come. Inside the trunk is a new trunk mat that carries a full size Super Stock II spare with the original restored jack and crow bar. This way if there is ever a mishap on the road with a quick tire change you can still drive away looking complete. The California convertible top boot that can be placed over the top when the top is down is also in the trunk. There is a full set of wheel opening moldings, and the stainless steel lower rocker cover moldings on both sides are in nice condition. I believe all the trim on this car is complete with nothing missing, and would consider all of the chrome in good drivers quality condition or better. These trunk lids would typically rust out by the lip, but this trunk lid is in very good condition. Probably one of the nicest trunk lids I've seen on an unrestored car. Even the stainless steel trunk lip trim is still nice. Both bumpers have the factory ordered bumper guard option. Even the original front license plate bracket is still on the front bumper. This convertible was ordered from the factory with the rare air conditioning option. The compressor is not hooked up, but I believe everything else is in place to make it work with a belt and a charge. I'm including an original compressor that does spin freely. I'm certain that this system is still on the original R-12 Freon. The majority of people didn't order A/C back in the day, since they had the option to put the top down. It is always nice to at least have that option to put the compressor back on, and the A/C belt, so it can be given a charge if the new owner would like. The original dash pad is in very nice shape, and I couldn't find any cracks anywhere. There is a new old school AM/FM Cassette stereo with new Pyle Driver door speakers, so you can actually hear music with the top down. The entire interior is in relatively very nice condition as seen in the pictures. This original numbers matching Rocket 350 has the 4-barrel QuadraJet carburetor, and starts up with a Diehard International heavy duty battery with new battery terminal leads on the both positive and the negative cables. All new spark plugs, new spark plug wires, new distributor cap, new rotor, new condenser, and new points were all installed. This Cutty has power steering and power disc brakes. Steering these cars is simply a delight, and stopping them with power disc brakes is always wonderful. The horn, lighter, and clock do not work, but the clock is set on the best time of the day. It's always 4:42 time!! There is a factory Oldsmobile vanity mirror on the passenger side sun visor. The original owner's manual, emissions control systems warranty information, and the consumer information pamphlets come in the original plastic case inside the glove box. The previous owner said that the mileage is correct at barely rolling over once, although the mileage is exempt nowadays on the clean and clear Wisconsin title in my name. Since this Classic Cutlass Supreme Convertible starts right up every time, I personally wouldn't hesitate to drive this car anywhere. I am a half hour south of General Mitchell Airport in South Milwaukee. I would be more than happy to pick up any lucky winner at the airport in case they would like to drive this drop top home. Naturally, you would want to factor in the cost of airfare, gas, and incidentals versus having it delivered safely to your front door, but I just thought I would make the offer. These older classics that have survived for over 40 years are becoming harder and harder to find. The Nada Classic Car Price Guide currently has the 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Convertible with the Rocket 350/180hp engine, and the air conditioning option listed at $30,360 in high condition, which they consider anexcellent overall vehicle that was completely restored, or an original vehicleshowing very minimal wear. Note: This value does not represent a 100 point showcar or a #1 vehicle. Those vehicles can reach much higher prices. $15,640 in average condition, which they consider ingood overall condition that could be an older restoration or a well maintainedoriginal vehicle that is completely operable. The exterior paint, trim, andmechanics are presentable and serviceable inside and out. They say an averagecondition car is considered a 20-Footer! As shown in the pictures this Mustang Convertible isin far better condition than what they classify an average condition car, and it really does look sweet up close. Theyhave the lowest condition value at $10,695 being considered a deteriorated restoration or a very poorrestoration, but mostly usable "As-Is!" The lowest value does not represent aparts car, but would be considered as the price for a car needing a complete restoration. I'm not saying that this is car is anywhere near a show car, but I will say it seems in much better condition than what they consider to be an average condition car. Whatever this classic convertible sells for in this no reserve auction is a Win/Win investment. This Oldsmobile is an investment that I believe will continue to rise as these cars have shown to consistently escalate in value. These GM A-Body muscle cars are the finest handling cars I have ever driven. This car is for the guy or girl that always wanted one back in high school, or maybe wants to show off at their high school reunion to prove how cool they still are. There is no finer muscle car on the planet in my eyes than the 1970-1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme/442 convertible. Here is a prime opportunity to acquire your dream car at a nominal price. I try to list everything I can think of when I write a description, so every potential bidder can make the most informed decision prior to placing their bid. If you feel I may have left anything out please ask as many questions as you like. I pride myself in answering every question in explicit detail with the utmost honesty. What you see is exactly what you get! This car is being offered at "No Reserve" on a 3-day listing. It will sell to the highest bidder on Sunday evening at 5:00pm Pacific, 7:00pm Central, or 8:00pm Eastern time depending on your location. This way the new owner could actually be cruising with the top down by this coming weekend! There are plenty of car shows to attend this season!! Thank You for taking the time to view my auction!!! Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!

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