VINTAGE 1961 SUNBEAM ALPINE SERIES II Convertible/Hardtop Great For Restoration

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Technical specifications

Manufacturer:Other Makes
Type:Convertible/Hardstop included
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Color:White (Originally Moonstone)
Transmission:manual four speed/o drive
Interior Color:Black
Engine:4 cylinder
Trim:Black vinyl
Number of Cylinders:4
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The storage space had to be given up on this car and after many years of sitting, it is time to find a home where it can be restored. It would not take a small fortune to bring this 1961 Sunbeam back to life from sports car history. It was previously owned for decades by a Sunbeam lover whom then sold it and then it was put into storage.
I personally wasn't too familiar with these rare cars and did my own research about this type of car and its history. I have found out that this car was built in 1961. I have even found the correct week and plant it was built in. According to a reputable website, the VIN is stamped into the body panel on the right side up until then. It is stamped where it is supposed to be. This car also has an aluminum plate with the VIN also stamped in it on the driver side and it is mounted where it is supposed to be. It matches the number stamped on the right side and it also has the export codes to America I read about, as well as paint code #19 which is called "Moonstone". This color appears to be an off white color because I patiently wire brushed the paint off the panel area looking for the VIN. Even though the car is white now, there is a different color of white under it. There is a small oval plate as well, known as the body number plate. I have been questioned about the plates and there are two ORIGINAL plates where they belong. I was sent a photo by someone of their plates that are more than two but that car is a newer model. I would also like to point out this car is not a butcher shop special with various parts from more than one year model Alpine or Series. This is an original whole car with a couple of parts missing. Before I bought this car, I had the VIN searched by a title company I have used over ten years researching vintage cars I have purchased for my salvage yard. This car is not on some stolen car list or on some ancient claims list, given up in a search years ago by an insurance company. This is a legal ligit car with proper documentation. Because of such scammers, I reserve the right to withhold the full VIN until the car is sold. If you are skeptical, don't bid.
There is a fairly new top on the car, meaning no wear. However, as one knows, a convertible should NEVER be stored with the top down for a long time. A critter got to the "new" top so that was a waste of time and money by its previous owner.
When I picked up the car, it had the aluminum hard top on it. I took a picture when I left the location and it has that top on it. There is also a lexan rear glass. It is not in the roof shell but it is in the car, along with the stainless trim and the correct and desired weatherstrip. The roof top has no headliner, but the bows for it are there. The top has two mounting pins that fit into guides on the body and two latches with good chrome that fit two latches on the windshield. All of this is intact and working. There were two hard tops(only one rear window) with the car, along with two trunk lids. I guess one of each was a spare for "just in case" but I am selling each one of them separately. The extra parts are NOT included with the car. The extra top is strapped to the trailer(NOT included in the sale) and the extra trunk lid is in the car, in the photo. The top on the car goes with the car as does the trunk lid. There is nothing wrong with either one of these to warrant replacing them. Anyway, the convertible top was in the storage area behind the front seats and I emptied the loose parts and lifted it up and out. It secures as the hardtop does with all the original latches as well. There are some folding panels behind the seat the hide the convertible top and all three of them are attached and working. I found some new rubber weatherstripping, some new black carpet and other pieces of the interior. Also included are a NICE pair of metal rails the convertible top attaches to, above the roll up door windows. One of the vinyl pads looks like the old floor pad under the folded top and looks like the original from the photos I found researching. From what I can tell, all of the interior is there. The front floor pans(which have been nicely replaced) around the seats, in the trunk, and including where the battery goes, all look good and no rotted area. There is a console included which is loose in the car.
I listed this car originally in certain error but after further research, including the VIN sequence, hood prop location, and the vertical frames on the front edges of the doors, have corrected this description. I have learned a GREAT deal since listing this car and have went to extremes to make sure it is accurate. This INCLUDES a correct title in my name to sell with the car.
Looking at the dash, the key is in the ignition, as are all the dash components. An aftermarket gauge is on the left side of the steering wheel. The floor shifter is intact as the engine and transmission are in the car. The front grille is not in the front of the car attached to the body, but it IS included and in the front seat area. The grille is good and straight and certainly re-chromeable.
I have found out from the previous owner these cars had a "3 main" engine. This car has what's known as a "5 main" engine from a later model car. I have not looked for any numbers on it but I will, if anybody asks. The motor has two carbs that look intact with air cleaners. The engine appears complete from my research. I said the car was 99% complete because the one thing for sure missing is the radiator, which was stolen years ago. The transmission is a confirmed O-Drive according to further research. I know nothing more than that about the drive train but would be happy to try to answer any questions on the running gear. The shocks have been upgraded to tubular type but I have the original swinging type.
The car has the optional wire wheels including the spare. All four ground tires are aired up with dependable tire condition for transport and making it an easy roller to load. Under the spare, the gas tank area, including the tank is very clean and the tank tank appears to be useable. The gas cap is ORIGINAL, not a re-pop. The bumpers are intact and are certainly re-chromeable. The windshield and trim are intact and the actual glass itself is good. Both doors have the glass in them. They roll up and down as well. There is some damage on the right front fender and one headlight door that appears recent. The metal under the paint was not rusted. This is minor damage as shown and an easy fix. The two doors are pretty solid with the left door having some minor damage, another easy fix. Under the door glasses, the bottom seams of the doors are very solid with just minor repair of surface rust needed. The hood and trunk lid both are very good for their age as well. I have looked under the body at the pans and the typical surface rust was undercoated. The biggest task for a proper restoration is going to be to clean that mess off, but there are no huge holes or panels that need replacing. Over all, the body and structure of the car, I would rate VERY good and certainly in acceptable and restorable condition. This car is TOO good to consider parting out, however, after personally being decades in the used parts business, I KNOW and ASSURE you the parts on this car are WELL worth the bid price. There are SO many parts that the "Tiger" people would love to have.
I was lucky enough to see the car on CL within an hour after it was posted late one night and was the first to call. Upon arriving to view the car the very next day, I was prepared to buy and move it then and there. The seller had a note pad of names and numbers and five more callers inquired while I was there.
This car deserves to be restored by a true Sunbeam lover as I do not have the time or facility to do so. I hope some one does just that, and for that reason I have submitted for and cleared the title. That is why I researched the VIN to make sure it was all good. It is in my name as the legal owner. I'm not going to jail over any car. This car is priced very reasonable for its condition. The future cost to restore this car has also been considered this would be a well investment into sports car history. Transportation and shipping is the responsibly of the buyer, However, I will certainly assist in loading of the seller's prearranged transportation. I will also deliver within a reasonable distance, even to a shipping port, for a very reasonable fee to cover fuel and expenses. I did this for the Sweden buyer of that Sunliner. The vehicle must be paid for in full before leaving and this includes any transportation arrangements. Thanks for looking.
This is the last time I am relisting this vehicle. If it doesn't sell, I will do as I did with over a thousand other vehicles from my vintage salvage yard since 1998. Take some parts off of it and crush it.

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