Beautiful, 1926 Ford Model T “Fordor” (four door) Sedan.Restoration Project.

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Technical specifications

Model:Model T
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Color:Red & Black
Interior Color:Gray
Engine:Straight 4
Number of Cylinders:4
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This Model T is back because the buyer who bought it on 12/06/21 at $8,500.00 never contacted me to pay so, now you have a second chance to own it for an affordable price. If it were parted out and the parts sold individually, I could make a lot more than hat I am asking, now. The price has been lowered several times and is down to $8,500.00 from the first time I listed it at $10,000.00. $8,500.00 is as low as I can go and it will not be lowered anymore. So if you want a great 1926 Model T Fordor sedan, now is the time to get it before someone else beats you to it.
This beautiful, all original, 1926 Ford Model T Four Door Sedan has a clean title.Henry Ford Christened this style a “Fordor”, which was a clever combination of “Ford” and Four in describing this as a Four Door sedan.According to the engine (VIN) number 13270045, this Model T “Fordor” was manufactured in February of 1926. Between 1908 and 1927 when over 15,000,000 Model T’s were made, Ford kept such thorough records, that, with a little research, using the engine number, you can determine the exact day this vehicle left the assembly line.I did it once, but have since forgotten.I have posted the maximum amount of pictures enabling you to virtually inspect this car from all sides, front to back, top to bottom, inside and out. What you will see is that this Model T has never been restored or worked on and is almost as it left the factory.It has the original interior upholstery, original wiring, original factory installed top, original glass and original wood.In one photo, you can see that the windshield has a Vehicle Tax decal dated 1932 referring to Chicago as “The World’s Fair City”.The next year, the 1933 World’s Fair was in Chicago.Very interesting, one of a kind decal that I hope will be preserved.The body has a wooden sub-frame covered by steel body panels and the wood is as solid and the wood joints are as tight as the day they left the assembly line which is evidenced by the perfect alignment ofthe doors and how solidly and tightly they close and how perfectly they fit.Virtually all 95 year old Fordor Model T’s have deteriorated, dry rotted and damaged wood from being kept outside in the rain and weather, but not this one.If you knock on the wood, it is rock hard!Because of this, I would venture to say that this car has never been stored outside exposed to the harsh elements, which explains its’ extraordinary condition.I know that, since I bought it in 2004, it has always been garage kept and has only been sponge washed so that no water would flow into the doors and rust them from the inside which is also common with closed bodied Model T’s.When restoring a wood framed Model T, such as this, it usually entails removing the steel body panels and completely rebuilding the wooden frame, which is very difficult due to the complicated compound curves that is difficult for even the best woodworkers, then reattaching and aligning the steel panels.This alone can cost many thousands of dollars in time and materials, but on this car, that will not be necessary.The money you save on not having to do any restoration work on the body can be used to overhaul the engine and drive train, rear end, wiring, upholstery and cosmetics.That is if you want to restore it… Some purists in the Model T community would refer to this original, never restored Model T as a “Rip Van Winkle” car and, as such, would almost consider it a sacrilege to restore it, for in its’ current condition, it is a true representation of how Model T’s were built in the day.I must add that, except for the red color, which is not original, this car is as it came off the assembly line with all the fasteners, bolts and nuts applied on the assembly line 95 years ago and never removed since then.Regarding the red color, the original advertised color that the 1926 “Fordor” Sedan was painted at the factory was, “Windsor Maroon” on the body and “Gloss Black” on the Fenders, Splash shields and Radiator Apron.The door and seat upholstery was grey with red stripes and the walls and headliner were grey without stripes.I believe a past owner painted the body red because the original paint applied at the factory was deteriorating and the owner wanted to protect the steel body from rust.It worked.There is absolutely no rust on the body, but the left front fender has suffered some minor damage that will require being hammered out.The tires look good with lots of tread and three of them hold air, while the front right tire will only hold air for a short time. Apparently the tube needs to be repaired.As mentioned, I bought this Model T in 2004 with the intention of restoring it, but 17 years later I have never gotten around to it and at 68, I am getting too old to tackle such a project.I have never been into the engine, so I am unaware of the mechanical condition but it has never been overhauled and, as such the crank will not turn the engine.I suspect it may be a stuck starter bendix.The engine has not run in the 17 years I have owned it.When the last time it ran, I have no idea, but I was looking forward to being the first one in 95 years to get into it since it has been a very long time since it has run.I am looking for a good home for this wonderful Model T with someone who will not turn it into a rat rod, but, instead, will keep it true to what Henry Ford envisioned for the “Universal Car” that put America on wheels.This will be a cash only deal. PS.Since posting this last week, I found the parts to the white faced Stewart 160 speedometer including the very nice,newly bright nickeled two part escutcheon plate.This speedometer has suffered the fate of virtually all 95 year old in that, the pot metal numbers have swollen, rendering the speedometerinoperable, but the good news is that parts are still available that allows these to be rebuilt.
Buyer is responsible for picking up or arranging for and paying the expenses for a transport to pick up the Model T. Of course I will be here to help to load the Model T and assist in any way I can help when the buyer contacts me to arrange a time in which the Model T will be picked up.

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