1969 Jaguar E-Type Coupe

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Red
Engine:6 cyl
Number of Cylinders:6
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This is a 1969 jaguar Xke. The car is very custom and has thousands of dollars of custom handwork done to make it the beautiful machine that you see here. It has been published in magazines. Please click on the link below to see the articles. There can be 50 e-types and when this car is at shows everybody stands around and looks at this one. The car is extremely fast and the supercharger can be adjusted from inside of the car. It has custom gas tank, ABS brakes cross drilled rotors. Fully built motor, custom fuel injection, aluminum radiator, custom wheels. It has been chopped, channeled, lengthened and widened, and it has series one trim on the back of the car and has a full tilt composite front end. The car is fitted for nitrous. The profile gives the look of a coupe with the size of a 2+2. The inside of the car is extremely roomy. If there was a performance suspension option available it was used on this car. There are rearview camera monitors mounted underneath the dash and hidden cameras behind the rearview two way mirror's. The interior is fitted with leather series one early seats. Careful considerations were taken into the design of this car so that at first glance it looks like a stock E-type, however when it is placed next to a stock E-type you see how much larger the car is. With careful look of the pictures you can see the depth of the rear wheels. The rear compartment behind the seats is on an electric servo that can be operated from the dashboard. A lot of the interior panels are fabricated turned stainless steel. With a laptop computer your passenger can tune the car as you drive it with the electronic fuel injection. The rake of the top was created lower and a series one coupe windshield was fitted. The dashboard was moved forward to allow additional room on the interior for the passengers. The underneath side of the car was completely smoothed out and finished in aluminum over the steel structure. The fuel door was removed and re-fitted to the center of the rear hatch and when the rear hatch opens and closes it automatically seals on the filler tube. The car can be fueled up without opening the rear hatch. The rear bumper over riders were welded in place and then completely re-chromed so that it allows the rear look of the series one car. The extra width is not first glance noticed. The exhaust on the car allows the driver to remove the open pipe chambers for racing or to keep them capped off and have a nice tone coming out the back of the stock resonators. Virtually everything on this car was replaced or redone as new. Many additional spare parts comes with the car as well as all of the literature and Providence on the build. All of the Fuel Injection technical data and computer hook ups are available with the car, and you can adjust as you see fit for your racing or pleasure needs. The car is extremely nice. 1969 Series II XKE 2+2Here's a partial list of what was done - car was completely dismantled,
The rear seats were removed and the front seats were moved back.
2 - The dash was moved forward 6 inches.
3 -It has a custom leather racing steering wheel.
4 - Composite custom hood built
5 - The latches for the hood are off of an early seventies mustang hood.
6 -The cars pan was fitted with a perfectly smooth aluminum under belly (see picture) All excess metal was removed
7 -Where possible, steel was replaced with aluminum to make the car light.
8 - The entire suspension was lowered.
9 - The body was rotisserie finished and de-flashed and welded up.
10 - The normally poor metal work hidden by the interior was re-welded, de-flashed, cleaned, pounded smooth and the finished painted.
11 - The 2+2 windshield was removed and replaced with a shorter coupe windshield.
12 - Short series one coupe pillars were then fitted and the rake was changed.
13 - The entire roof was then reconfigured to match the curves of the lower profile.
14 - The double windscreen wipers were replaced with the 3 blade earlier wiper unit.
15 - The car was fitted with a Jaguar new rear third member and the complete suspension, front and rear, was replaced new and all the pieces were either chromed or powder coated. (See pictures)
16 - The car was refitted with a rebuilt race motor (4.2 EType original).
17 - Digital adjustable electronic performance fuel injection was installed.
18 - The intake was ported and matched.
19 - The car was then supercharged, intercooled, and later fitted with nitrous.
20 - The motor was fitted with a renewed 4 speed full synchro Trans.
21 - ABS braking and larger calipers were added
22 - MSD and Mallory custom distributer and ignition.
23 - The rear of the car was then fitted with custom carbon fiber rear fenders that were swept into the side panels so that the car does not look wider even though it is, by 4 inches on each side.
24 - The series 2 cars were originally fitted with large lights below the bumpers. This car was refitted fitted with rear series one trim, bumpers, and tail lights and welded for fit so the back of the car looks like a serious beefy stock series one.
25 - All the front chrome was removed for a very smooth look.
26 - The exhaust is a custom stainless from header all the way back and has side plates that can be removed for open pipe racing.
27 - The car is fitted with a very unobtrusive roll bar and racing safety harness belts.
28 - The car has lipstick red early series 1 EType leather interior.
29 - The fuel tank was removed and was replaced with a custom unit that is engineered to fill from a custom sealing filler cap located in the center of the rear hatch.
30 - The tank is foam baffled and a racing fuel injection pump was installed.
31 - The rear hatch is operable and will seal on the tank when it is closed.
32 - The wheels are custom stainless wires - stock size in front and 4" wider in rear
33 - There is an automatic servo assisted compartment behind the front seats that opens via dash switch, and the nitrous bottles can be stored.
34 - The period factory jag mirrors on the hood have 2 way mirrors in them and cameras are mounted in the mirror housing cavity that are viewed on to two Sony monitors mounted below the dash.
35 - The super charger has a custom electric clutch mounted on the front of it so that you can control the actuation from inside the car. You can also set the manifold boost pressure from inside the car.
36 - The car has a custom aluminum radiator and polished factory early series 2 brass overflow tank.
37 - Front and rear sway bars, racing suspension bushings, racing springs, and shocks.
38 - Beefy stainless toggle switches were fitted to an early XKE dash center.

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