1995 Mazda Miata with 350z Motor Swap - Unfinished Project

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Technical specifications

Model:MX-5 Miata
Interior Color:Black
Engine:Nissan 350z
Trim:2 Door
Number of Cylinders:6
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This is an unfinished project. The car does not run and needs someone to finish this project. It is a 1995 Mazda Miata with a Nissan 350z motor, TEC3 engine management, full rollcage, TEIN shocks with EDFC, Nissan LSD, Kodiak Racing 3 piece lightweight 17" wheels (front and rear) and two 15" wheels with slicks, Wilwood brakes, body kit that is custom molded together so rear and front bumpers are molded into the side panels, and lot's of other custom aftermarket parts such as headlights, gauges, etc.
You will need to make arrangements to pick up or have the car shipped to you. You will be dealing with Bell Engineering.
The car is located at:
Bell Engineering
203 Kestrel Drive
Spring Branch, TX 78070
(830) 438-2890
[email protected]
Google Bell Engineering and go to their website. Click "Current Projects" link under "In The Shop". Click on "1.8L Miata w/ 350Z Motor". I'm sorry but Ebay does not allow me to provide links.
For more pictures of the project please send me a message. Ebay does not allow me to provide links to my photo album.
These are the stuff Bell Engineering did.
1. Motor and transmission. Labor Labor for 17 hours for work done thru Oct. 15, 2008. Uncrated and disassembled motor, drive train, modified engine bay for motor to fit, working on mounting transmission, steering rack and subframe.
2. Modification of subframe. Pulled existing motor out of engine bay and started prep work on the frame rails, removed all mechanical and electrical parts from the engine bay to prep for cleaning and paint.
3. Fabricating initial flat steel flanges for the exhaust manifolds. Tim cut and welded the pieces to cover the frame rails inside the engine bay. Cut the flat bar and tubes to build the rear differential brace which will mount the 350Z diff to the car. Used the factory mount positions and built an I beam to connect the two bushing holders. Finished the other side of the engine bay, tack welded the diff brace together.
4. Hanging the rear differential brace on the car using the factory top bushings. Upper bushings will have to be modified or replaced to allow bolt to stick through the new diff brace. 350 diff is in place under the new brace and measured for additional bracing. The entire rear suspension is going to be pulled off the car to fit the diff as we have to bolt through the rear crossmember and the gas tank is above it. Removed the entire rear suspension subframe assembly from the car. Removed the fuel filter system under the body of the car, a few miscellaneous parts from the underbody and tore down some of the subframe so the diff can be mounted.
5. Disassembling and repairing rear differential; fabricated and welded braces, and painted engine bay.
6. Fabricate jig for turblar K-Member; continued building race for rear differential.
7. Work performed on rear differential reinforcements and mount; changing the mounts on the K member jig to fit the lower pipe around the tabs. Performed welding on the intake manifold. Measurements were taken for cross beams of K-Member and frontal loop.
8. Work performed on threading the vertical rods to hold the diff in place & assembled the diff bracket. Installed the rear diff carrier back on the car. Installed the brake lines, fuel, electric in the rear of the car. Prepped the diff and researched LSD options for rear. Started building the front tubular K member starting with the forward mounting positions and A-Arm mounts.
9. Worked on crossmember and motor mounts, motor mount blocks. Aligned the transmission to differential
10. Working on the drive line splash guard.
11. Work performed on rear axle, motor mounts, transmission mounts and steering. Removed the interior and started design on the roll bar/cage.
12. Fabricating the steering and purchasing the materials for the roll bar/cage. Roll bar materials - steel round tubing.
13. Designing and fabricating roll bar. Stripped interior of car worked on bracing and obtaining materials.
14. Fabricated roll bar floor plates, researched and located cage braces.
15. Roll cage main hoop, front cage braces for front windshield.
16. Worked on locating turbo on car, and steering placement, and relocating some wiring.
17. Tack welded roll bar in place.
18. Worked on turbo placement, steering, and modifying the body to accommodate the radiator and intercooler.
19. Welded front support, removed support and mocked up intercooler and boost tubes. Finished crossbracing on roll cage.
20. Welded on roll bar, and worked on turbo exhaust manifolds.
21. Welded top cross bar in on roll cage, welded all seams on roll cage except for driver side due to clearance problems, welded intercooler cores together for intercooler, aligning and prepping rear-end to get ready to install.
22. 2 left and 2 right Heim (Rod Ends)
23. Made differential mounting plate for the rear end; boxing upper control arms on rear end. Built the anti-roll bar for the rear suspension.
24. Worked on torque arms from lower control arms to the sub-frame; built brackets for hiem joints on torque arms; built torque arms and bracing.
25. Worked on anti-roll bar, straitening frame rails and fabricated frame rail boxes to strengthen the frame rails, installed the boxes from front to back. Welding frame rails together, putting brackets on to connect front k-member to frame rails, fitting new frame rails in the car and welding them in place solid.
26. Welding pinion angle supports in to place and rear end plate fully bolted in.
27. Re-installing front suspension, steering rack, tie rod ends and steering arms and alignment.
28. Pulled motor and cross member. Build path thru motor mounts for the steering shaft.
29. Make Brackets to strengthen the steering rack mounts. Build a tube thru the cross member for the steering shaft. Corky Welded on all brackets and tubes.
30. Grind Clearance on cross member and turn the steering shaft down on one end. Needed in order to clear the cross member.
31. Finish welding the cross bar at the front of the car (radiator area) to permit removal of shock absorber and cowl support.
32. Clean and Repaint tube and firewall. Clean front suspension and rack at the car wash. Degreased and brushed clean. Repainted.
33. Assemble and partially install front suspension.
34. Paint Steering Column. Clean and lube U joints.
35. Front Bumper installed to check fitment. Bumper uninstalled. Painted Engine mounts. Assembled engine mounts to Motor. Motor installed in chassis.
36. Exhaust Manifold Driver and Passenger Side. External Wastegate Design. Modify Engine Block for Manifold to clear engine.
37. Parts & Materials.18 Weld Elbows. 2.5' of 2.5" ID 3/16 wall thickness Steel Tubing. Two Turbine Inlet Flanges. Two Wastegate Flanges. Two Weld Elbow Reducers 2.0" to 1.5".
38. Remove Exhaust Manifolds. Alter WG tube, Additional Fabrication, and welding.
39. Install Rear Suspension.
40. Install Front Brake Assemblies. Discs, calipers, and pads.
41. Install sub frame connectors for torsion rails.
42. Tape Off Roll Cage and Car. Primer Roll Cage. Paint Roll Cage.
43. Fabricate and Install Plate to cover old shifter hole. Used OEM fasteners.
44. Aluminum Sheet -.080 - 3003 Alloy. 7" x 8" piece used.
45. Pulled Rack and Pinion and tack welded on arms. Reinstalled for test fitment.
46. Welding on Flange by CB. Weld in disc for Ext WG. Layout, design, mock up, and some fabrication of exhaust pipes. Exhaust pipes are not complete.
47. 2 1/4" U bend - 4" Radius.
48. 2 1/4 " U Bend - 3" Tight.
49. 2 1/4" Mild Steel Tubing Aluminized, 16 gauge.
50. Downpipe Flange - Mild Steel.
51. Modify K Frame to fit Starter motor. And to fit Oil Filter. Welded and Repainted.
52. Pull Motor to modify K Frame and to Modify Oil Pan.
53. Design and Fabricate Oil Pan Flange & Pick up flange. Make Flange.
54. Additional Fabrication of Downpipe and turbo Wastegate vent tube.
55. 2" x 1" Steel Flat Bar.
56. 2 3/4" Steel Tubing Aluminized.
57. Aluminum Sheet - 3003 Alloy, .125 (1/8).
58. 1 1/2" U- Bend 3" Radius, 16 Gauge.
59. Wastegate Flange 3/8 HR.
60. Primer Paint for Frame.
61. 3" x 1/2" Aluminum 6061 Flat Bar and welded together to make oil pan flange mount.
62. Intercooler cores
63. Clean and paint oil pick up tube and pick up screen. Build cover plate for oil pan. Install upper oil pan bolt at the pick up tube.
64. Make Oil Pan Gasket. Re-surface the oil pan. Deburr oil pan and clean. Prep oil pan for hole repair.
65. Intercooler Design, cut/fit of metal, fabrication, mounts, and welding together.
66. Modify fender/frame for Intercooler fitment.
67. Design, route, and fabricate Intercooler inlet tube (from turbo to Intercooler) on driver side. Partial tube on passenger side. Need to be finish welded later.
68. Build base plate for intake. Prepare elbows for intake fabrication.
69. Grind and polish top of Cam Timing Cover for clearance. Pits will be re-welded and smoothed later.
70. 10mm x 1.5 x 37mm Grade 8.8 ZP Studs.
71. 10mm x 1.50 Hex Flange, All Metal Lock Nut.
72. Design and Fabricate of dual plenum/intake manifold. Design/Fabricate/Welding Intercooler to manifold plenum.
73. 2.0" Elbow Casting.
74. 3.5" OD Aluminum Tubing. 6063. 11 Gauge.
75. 3.5" X 1/4" Aluminum Strap.
76. 2.25" Alum. Elbow.
77. 2.25" to 3.0" Cones. About 2" long.
78. Design/Fabricate/Weld Cones.
79. Design/Fabricate/Tach Weld base and air tubes to plenum.
80. Design/Fabricate/Weld Wastegate vent tubes to exhaust pipe. Passenger side and Driver Side Exhaust Pipes.
81. Wastegate Flange 3/8 HR.
82. 1 1/4" U Bend

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