MG : MGA Convertible

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:GAS
Interior Color:NA
Engine:V4 / GAS
Number of Cylinders:4
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About 50 photos you can view here-note it is up to buyer to arrange pick up and transport, as well as look into any legalities in regards to shipping a car without VIN potentially across borders.
Hello. I have a MGA 1500 for sale, for parts or project. For every 5MGB's made, there was only 1 MGA. Not certain of the year, but was toldby the previous owner that it was either a 60 or a 61. This car has beenpartially dismantled and has been a project passed down from a fewpeople. I don't have everything for it, and some of the stuff I do haveis of questionable usability. Body and frame are fairly straight. Rustedof course, needs new rockers, dog legs, front valance and probably apatch piece for the grille area (Moss motors sells one). Needs the otherodd patches, floor board supports, pieces for the bonnet frame, etc.Couple of broken bolts. Floor boards were made of plywood, so those areeasy to replace if you want to keep the thing original. The wiringharness is a mess, and probably incomplete. I have an engine block forit, but it's missing more than a lot. If buyer would like, I also have amore complete MGB 4 speed motor and transmission that I could giveinstead. I have a spare gas tank, but, again, it's condition isquestionable, I haven't taken a good look at it. A few seats that mightbe able to be reworked, metal dash minus all the dials. Wheels came offan MGB. Consider the pictures, that's what you're getting, mostly a shell with a fewextras thrown in that may or may not be useful. This would be a hugeundertaking, but consider it a decent start to a car that's been gettingharder to find, and higher in price. Most everything can be suppliedfrom either Moss Motor's or Victoria Vintage. These cars are not terribly complicated. Customize it to howyou like rather than pay 20 - 30 thousand for the same candy redrestoration.

Now here come's the worst bit. I have no paperwork, and the car has beenstripped of it's VIN tag. I have located the chassis number, which wasused for the VIN, however, it is rusted and at this point, hard to read,though there are ways. I was told, despite the fact the tag is missing,that the car can be re-registered. I take no responsibility in the endthough, buyer, please understand the risks. Either that, or throw theshell on top of another and make yourself an MGA like vehicle?

I'll post some more pictures in the coming days, or message me for any questions. Again, this car needs a lot of work. Buyer must arrange pick up, but I'm willing to let the vehicle sit for a month or two so buyer can make the best arrangements. There are a few loose pieces that come with it, so keep that in mind. Thanks

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