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After 2 and a half years of highly enjoyable ownership it's reluctantly time to sell up.
This is a excellent example of a 106 GTi, with only 3 previous owners - this is not a chav mobile that has had ragged to death!

Up till now I've used this car as my daily driver and it has never missed a beat.

The car has been modified as follows:
JP4s Conversion (with original Gti cams) Professionally done around 3 years ago. The donor engine came from a 2007 Citroen C2 VTS. I have a receipt for the work. (info on this engine at the bottom)

Adjustable suspension (Spax?) Done around 3 years ago. Adjustable from the struts under the bonnet.

Pugsport Exhaust 3 years old.

In addition to this:
Just flew through it's MOT (April 2016)Fibreglass bonnet withcarbon fibre wrap (currently scratched - I'm trying to get this rewrapped ASAP at my own cost)Airbagged leather interiorNew all round new discs and pads a few days agoNew spark plugs and oil change a month agoNew windscreen last yearAlloys in good conditionwith good tyres all round96,000 miles. Regularlyused, this is low mileage for the cars age. Engine is on approx50kAngel eyes headlights (will include standard ones)15" peugeot alloys - getting rare to find these in good nickPair of driveshafts includedLoads of fun
Cambelt due for replacementin March 2016 (last done March 2013)Noisy cambelt when engines warm - not sure if its the belt or if its on too tight, I've had it checked and apparently its fineCouple of small surfacescratches on the roof (I will try and tcut these off before sale)HID Headlights take a 1-2seconds to warm up to maximum brightness
I know this car has been up on ebay a few times but due to holidays and work being a bit crazy I've not been able to respond to people, if you responded last time just ping through your number again, sorry!!
JP4 info (taken from here - face="Arial, sans-serif" color="#00ae5f">
Firstly a little background on the engine:
Basicly the TU5JP4 (or JP4) is an updated version of the TU5J4 (or J4) as fitted to the saxo VTS and 106 GTI. The JP4 has slightly larger inlet valves (obvious power advantages) but in most forms is slightly detuned when compared to the J4 either by using granny spec cams, poor inlet manifolds, by the ECUs or all three!! (I think in most instances this was either for improved MPG and/or to meet emissions criteria) the only exception to this that I am aware of is the engine from the C2 VTS (I think this has the designation TU5JP4S) and pretty much has the same power (if not a little more) than the J4 and this was achieved through a mixture of the improved inlet manifold (alloy rather than plastic) improved ECU and I believe better spec cams so if you can find one of these then this is probably the one to get but I think they are rather rare and when they do come up for sale are pretty much double the cost of any other JP4 but you may get lucky!!
Secondly the cars it was fitted to:
various 206 models inc the 206CC, the 207 again inc the CC, the 307, the C2, the C3 and the C4. There may be a few others but the above is the main ones you may also find that the engine has the code NFU when having a search around ebay/breaker sites so keep your eye out. Another thing worth mentioning is that there two types of JP4 engine (there may be more but these two are the ones I am aware of) an early and a late type. Really to make your life easier you want the early one which I think runs up to 2004 although obviously there is some crossover and nothing is guaranteed!!

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