1961 Peugeot 403

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Gray
Engine:4 cylinder
Number of Cylinders:4
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I LOVE old French cars, have collected 9 of them for many years, 1953 Citroen Traction Avant, 1956 Citroen 2CV, there's 5 Renault 4CV including one convertible (decapotable) and I have these 2 Peugeot 403, one 4dr sedan and one Break.
As I'm getting older I have decided to sell off a few of the cars so the 2 Peugeot 403 are going to be sold.
I bought the Sedan 5-10 years ago here in Arizona after the original owner, a 90+ year old lady was moved to an old folks home.
She had parked the car around 40 years earlier under a roof so all in all the car has been off the road for 45-50 years by now, so it is not a running and driving car. The engine is still free.
The seller, an old friend of hers could not find a title so, the Peugeot does NOT have a title.
EBay does not have any way of listing missing title so I had to click on Salvage to be able to list the cars.
She had bad aim so the Peugeot has a fair amount of dings and dents but it is 99% to 100% rust free.
The Arizona sun killed the interior plastic, especially the steering wheel.
I was going to get a Bonded title and get the car up and running and drive it as is for a while.
It should be really easy to turn it into a driving car.
But then I found the Peugeot 403 Break, the wagon. The first and only one I have ever seen during 35 years of living in Arizona.
I found an old registration in the glove box and as it turns out the car had at one point belonged to a friend of mine who moved to Nicaragua decades ago to start a coffee plantation there.
The Break was stored in a yard with a lot of other old cars and motorcycles and most of the cars got burned in a fire.
The Peugeot did not get burned but it was close enough to the fire that the interior plastic melted, the windshield got damaged and the paint on the left front and roof got damaged.
But, it is also around 99% rust free not counting the surface rust. While stored in my back yard my oldest son backed into the left front fender and put a dent in it.
The wagon is very restorable also, it will need paint, interior work plus things like the interior plastic replaced and the wiring harness under the dash and engine compartment replaced. After I found the wagon I was going to turn the sedan in to a parts car for it.
And I did not get a title with the wagon either so, it will need a Bonded title.
Over the years I have collected some great parts for the cars.
I for example went to Europe 2 years ago and bought a 1962 Peugeot 403 Break, a diesel car.
It was rusted so I cut it up and sent all doors, bumpers, extra rims, seats and I also sent the complete and untouched front of the car to my restoration shop in Arizona so it is here. Plus a beautiful steering wheel.
I have everything from the dash and forward, fenders, dash, engine, trans, grill etc.
I was told that the diesel engine came from a 404 and I don't know anything about the condition of it.
I also have bought a few new parts, taillights and some more parts plus I had a tinted windshield custom made in Europe for the car so it comes with a new windshield.
Possible the only one in the US?
Well, that is not totally true, I had 2 of the made and shipped to Arizona, one is include in the car package and the second one is for sale separate.
The outfit who made the new glass does super high quality glass for exclusive cars, the best quality money can buy.

I had a set of wagon rims blasted and powder coated and they are of course included in this sale.
I put new tires on the sedan a few years ago, can't remember if the wagon got used or new tires.
My plan for the wagon was to get the body media blasted and primered and install a large sliding sunroof.
I drove a 403 Sedan while living in Sweden in the early 70's and it was one of the best cars I had ever owned, I even drove it to Paris and on to Bretagne, great trip in a great car.
So I was really looking forward to driving these Peugeot cars but, I have too many cars, too many project cars I should say and I am not getting any younger so, if they sell they sell and if not that is fine also.
So just to clarify what I am selling in this auction.
You are getting the 2 cars,
one new windshield,
all my extra parts (doors, tail gate, bumpers, hubcaps, rims, grilles, headlight bezels, new turnsignal lenses, one beautiful steering wheel etc, etc, etc),
the front end of the wagon from Europe.
Please email with questions.
The reserve is way below what I have in the cars and parts, it is less that half of what I have spent but I'll take a loss and hopefully somebody who has more time than I do can get one or both cars back on the road again.
All cars and parts are in Phoenix, Arizona so they need to be picked up here. If needed the front end can be stripped and parts from it put inside the 2 cars to help with transport.
A $1000 deposit is due within 24 hours and the balance within 7 days.
I don't think there's another Peugeot 403 Break for sale anywhere in the US and I think it is one of the rarest old French cars in the country.

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