Original WS6 Ram Air package with 6 speed manual.

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Technical specifications

Fuel Type:gasoline
Interior Color:Black
Engine:5.7L Gas V8
Trim:Trans Am
Number of Cylinders:8
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I never really planned to sell this car. Six speed manuals like this one aren't common.
I fell in love with the F-body during my engineering internship at GM. This Trans Am was my first car out of school. In 2000 it had 7 miles on it brand new and was my daily driver for not quite a decade.
Eventually I stored it in my garage for roughly a decade. In those years I bought two more cars (a BMW and a "sensible" Mazda) but the Pontiac remained.
In 2019 I brought it out and made it my daily driver again. It's taken me two years to come to terms with it but I finally decided to sell. Hopefully I can find it a home with someone that will enjoy it as much as I have!
These days my commute is short so I've only added about 10K miles over two years. The mileage shown is accurate but increasing as I still use it daily.
Years ago the car slid and hit a curb with the right rear wheel- the accident should be listed in its history. No one was injured and the repair work done by the dealer.
Mechanically the car works great and has not had any issues. A complete maintenance overhaul was done- I'll list the work done further down. Radio works, A/C works.
The dampers on the hood and rear hatch work fine and still hold both up on their own.
There's a lot of little things I've done to make the car more enjoyable to me. I've replaced the lights, fixed little things on the interior, fixed visor mounts, center console, etc. I'll also add a list of miscellaneous things.
This is an ORIGINAL Ram Air package from the factory. Replica's are out there but this is real. I think I've seen used OEM Ram Air hoods alone sell for $2K online.
Replaced rear lower trailing arms, panhard bar, and torque arm with heavy duty tubular versions.
Replaced stock muffler with Flowmaster muffler (sounds great!)
Tubular strut tower brace added.
Right before storing the car a new OEM Luk clutch was installed.
This was done when the car was brought out of storage by a local shop.
Replaced Fuel Pump & Fuel Filter
Replaced Water Pump
Replaced Power Steering Pump
Replaced Alternator
Replaced Heater Hoses
Replaced Spark Plugs & Wires
Replaced stock suspension with lowered Bilstein B12 suspension
Replaced battery.
Flushed brake system
Drained and refilled transmission fluid
Evacuated and recharge A/C system
Replaced Driver Side Power Window motor
$2905 total for installation (I have receipts) and about $2K in parts (also have receipts).
This was done by transmission specialist when one morning the transmission wouldn't engage:
Replaced transmission Master Cylinder
Replaced transmission Slave Cylinder
Replaced front and rear universal joints
Rear Differential inspected for backlash (within spec) w/ no signs of contamination
Replaced Crankshaft Pilot Bearing
$1504 total. I have receipt.
Local muffler shop helped troubleshoot check engine light.
Replaced one Catalytic Converter
$731 total. I have receipt.
Local service shop did this work after noticing the wheel "felt" loose. Hubs were worn.
Replaced both front Wheel Hubs
$723 total. I have receipt.
Local service shop did this work after AC stopped working:
Replaced A/C Accumulator and refilled system
$354 total. I have receipt.
Local service shop did this work. Loud noise from rear was worn bearing. Passenger window motor slowed down, replaced before it failed. Rack and pinion was leaking:
Replaced Rear Axle Shaft Bearings (both)
Replaced Passenger Power Window motor
Replaced Tires (Firestone Firehawks- they don't grip as well as the Goodyear )
Replaced Rack and Pinion
$2700 total. I have receipt. This was done just this February.
Additional work done:
Replaced Front and Rear Sway bar links. Added polyurethane bushings.
Replaced both Front Lower Control Arms with Ball Joints (ball joints were shot)
Replaced both Front Tie Rod Ends (seals also shot)
Feb 2020 replaced rear brakes with ceramic pads and front brakes with EBC yellow stuff pads (i have receipts)
Front left headlight plastic gear worn causing it to stay stuck in place. Moved the gear 180 degrees- works fine without need to replace gear or motor. Just in case, I have replacement motors for both sides included in sale.
Left Rear Monsoon speaker replaced. Original Monsoon system works though LED showing radio station no longer visible (unless in direct sunlight for some reason).
Power antenna replaced (though it seems to be acting up again).
Replaced fog light housings- originals were yellowing. Sylvania silverstar bulbs installed.
Replaced daytime running light housings (both fronts). Originals cracked from the heat of the original bulbs which allow water in and fry the bulbs / receptacles.
Replaced rear quarter panel light housings. Also cracked from the heat of the original bulbs.
All bulbs except headlights and fog lights replaced with LED's. includes orange daytime running lights, turn signals, rear quarter panel lights, rear brake lights, tail lights, and back up lights. Interior lights also upgraded to LED- the rear view mirror and rear window light.
Turn signal flasher replaced to handle LED's.
The original headlights for this car were from the GM parts bin for their trucks and vans and are really under powered compared to modern lights. So I upgraded them with LMC Truck kits for both beams (36-0303 & 36-0302).

This car was cared for but not babied. It has more than its fair share of scratches and scuff marks.
The hood is probably the worst part of the entire car. The clear coat has worsened quite a bit this year. It was only lightly damaged when brought out of storage. Paint fade from the engine bay heat is more noticeable (the outline of the frame underneath is visible).
Someone keyed the rear right quarter panel but does not appear to go through to the metal. The left rear quarter panel was bumped by another car when it backed into me. Also happened years ago. Never rusted and the indented sheet metal was mostly popped out. The lid for gas cap is slightly off center because of it.
There are heavy scuff marks on both rear quarter panels. I don't remember where they came from. Most likely from dragging boxes or something from the trunk.
Both door panels have cracks on them. F bodies have very long doors and are notorious for developing them. There are also two long cracks on the plastic dashboard in the middle and in front of passenger side.
The center console was also damaged from the pressure of resting my elbow on it. I reinforced the broken tab with metal wiring and epoxy, raised the dimpled area with some spacers, and filled the crack with vinyl repair compound.
Controls on drivers seat to move it forward/backward work fine. The air pump that used to fill the side bolsters does not.
Leather seating surfaces in really good shape. No stains, tears, or large scratches. No bad odors. Never smoked in it.
The sun visors are known to also fail because of their size and the stress they place on the mounts. The original die cast mounts will break. I found new mounts from a junkyard, tapped new threads into the body and held the spring in place with new screw and washer. The mounts are almost impossible to find. I have a spare set that I can include.
Also made some temporary visors to hold me over until I could buy replacement pieces. I just never did.
T-tops in great shape. No leaks at all. Also have plastic factory covers for the T-tops. I have the owner's manual and the two original key fobs.
The steering wheel has a simple leather wrap. The original underneath has normal wear and tear.
The driver side seat bolstering on the left began to tear where it meets hard plastic. A leather repair kit was used to fill it.
The Driver's side seat belt holder mounted to the seat broke and was replaced with a new unit.
Normal wear and tear on alloy wheels.
The windshield has a small chip on the upper left corner from about 20 years ago. It never formed into a larger crack so I just left it.
The red Trans Am logo on the rear panel faded- replaced with new decal.
The original shifter knob was replaced with an eight ball shifter with a gold screaming chicken logo.
Original floor mats wore out. The grey rubber replacements are ok but the driver side mat has a tear from the base of my foot pressing into it when I step on clutch.
Despite everything, cleans up really nice and still turns lots of heads!
As a fair warning I'm not really interested in a trade- just a straightforward sale.
Although I've already covered all the basics with the maintenance work a couple years ago, I still need to say the car is sold as-is with no expressed or implied warranties.
Hoping to make this happen over the next couple weeks!
Please let me know if I can help answer questions.
I can also provide more pics or details depending on what you're interested in.

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