1988 Volvo 340 GLE, 33K Miles from new, top of the range, £1850, Wiltshire

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Massively regrettably for sale is my 1988 Volvo 340 GLE, It took me over a year to find an example this great, after stupidly selling my other Volvo 340 back when i was 17.
I honestly beleive this is one of if not the best examples left in the UK. In the past few years ive only seen a couple that are lower mileage and even then they werent as well specced as mine.
Being a GLE it has a lot of extras, it also had all possible optional extras fitted when it was new, Including Full heated leather, Allow wheels, 7 Dial guage, Sunroof, Central locking, Electric windows, Bespoke rubber mats to protect the carpet.
I am the second owner of this vehicle, the first and only other owner bought it from new from Volvo in Bath and had it until he passed away, which it then sat in his sons garage for two years before me purchasing it last year
It had 26K Miles on it when i bought it, it is currently at 33K I have been using it as my everyday car without issue through the colder and warmer weather.
When i first got the car it was running slightly rough, probably due to it being sat for so long, the Carburettor was sent away to a brilliant chap on the Volvo forums and he rebuilt it fully for me with new float
and carrying out an in-service upgrade (changes to float chamber venting, fitting dual spray Acc.pump jet, sealing pump vent). Ever since the rebuild of the carb the car has run beautifully, averaging 200 miles to a full tank of petrol (£25-30)
Other than the carb issue when i first had it the car has given me no issues whatsoever, i serviced it the day after i bought it (Oil, Filters, Plugs, Full Dizzy system, Coolant) and again around 2K Miles ago (Oil, Filters), i was planning on doing the oil/filters every 5K, so everything is good for another 3K Miles if you stick to this routine.
I purchased uprated HT leads for it a few months ago, aswel as upgrading the standard front speakers with OEM looking ones (You wouldnt know they were uprated unless told looks wise and are in the standard slots behind the standard covers, just improving sound quality)
Other than the Leads, Speakers and servicing parts the car has needed nothing at all.
Reason for selling is my increased need to do much more mileage for work and my personal life, ive tried having a second car as a daily runabout and i cant justify it financially so im selling my Volvo and sticking with a boring diesel for now.
Basic information/stats:
1988 Volvo 340 GLE, 1.7 Engine
-MOT Runs out August/September 2015, I have no doubts at all it will go straight through, it went straight through with no advisories last year after being sat unused for a few years.
-No tax due to the change in laws of course, Car is SORN
-2 Keys
-Original dealer plates and rear window sticker, tax disc holder also tucked away in the glovebox.
-Original toolkit alongside the spare wheel under the bonnet.
-33K Miles from new, geniune, proof of this with previous MOT's.
-Crazy ammount of extras for an almost 30 year old car, Full heated leather, Alloy wheels, 7 Dial guage, Sunroof, Central locking, Electric windows, Bespoke rubber mats to protect the carpet etc etc
-Completely original, including the tape deck, everything works like the day it came from the factory.
-Underside is completely solid, not a spot of rust on it, it spent it's entire life garaged before i had it and although i had it on a drive not a garage it was properly cleaned weekly and sealed with wax monthly.
Not so good points (This may seem like a big list, but im being as critical as i can, it's a 28 year old car and has negative points but nothing that cant be sorted)
-Two small dents, one on the bonnet, one on the drivers side wing, the bonnet ding was there when i got it and the wing was me accidently leaning on it while under the bonnet, both can be sorted easially by any good dent puller, no paint is damaged just two small dents.
-Small black patch of underseal on the sunroof, size of a 5p coin, again there when i got it, assuming was some slightly surface rust or paint come off and was covered with underseal
-Somebody crawled into the back of me in a car park, scratching the rear bumper, they paid to have it fully resprayed and a good job was done, like i mention below this the plastic trim will need replacing if you want it to be perfect but the actual bumper and paint itself were repaired to a high standard
-Small scuffs on the front and back bumpers plastic trims, again on there when i got the car, judging by the garage it was stored in id hazard a guess it was the previous owner moving it in and out, no damage just the black plastic trim scuffed, which is replacable independantly to the bumper if you so wish, i never bothered because using the car daily id never be able to keep it 100% perfect.
-Sometimes takes a few attempts to start first thing in the morning, not sure why, once it's going it stops, runs and starts perfectly, it's only ever the first start of the day, i know of no fault it may just be how im starting it.
-Two tyres need replacing soon, both probably around the 2-2.5mm mark, so good for now but will need doing in the future.
-No 'Full service history' At some point this was misplaced, The mileage is backed up by the MOT's and in all honesty the condition speaks for itself, it was looked after regardless of cost for the time the previous owner had it and i have taken equally as good care.
I have been abosloutely honest, and bar those few negative points its a great car, a low mileage top exmaple of a classic Volvo. I really hope whoever buys this gets those small niggles sorted and looks after it like it deserves while still driving it, i personally think it'd be a shame to garage it away and not use it, however each to there own.
What i will say is im not willing to sell it to anyone who plans to modify/track/drift it, it's too nice to ruin. Im hoping the condition/price will put off anyone who wants one for this reason anyhow but i really dont want it being ruined.
Please dont press buy it now or make offers without first speaking to me on here or via text, anyone is more than welcome to come and view it when im available.
I'm asking £1850.
Which i think is fair, i'm aware they're not the most sought after car, and if it was a Capri, or a Mk2 Golf in the same condition id be getting tripple that. Despite not being as popular as a Capri or Golf it's still a brilliant car, and in all honesty in its day was just as good if not better than most of it's rivals.
It's £1850 for a daily drive-able classic, possibly also one of the best examples of a 340 still around.
I'm located in Holt, Wiltshire. BA14 6PY. Few train stations around that im more than happy to collect people from.
If i have missed anything let me know, i will answer asap! You can message me on here or text me on 07564046341 If you text me first i can call you back or you can call me after (I very rarely answers calls, i don't answer from numbers i don't know)
Thanks, Dan

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